About LGWU



“A vibrant socio-economically empowered Ghana Local Government Service workforce”.


“Exists to contribute to good governance and national development through enhancing workers’ productivity and competitiveness by protecting, preserving and strengthening human and trade union rights in collaboration with civil society organizations and other social partners”.

This is achieved with an objective to:

  1. Sensitise, organize, and negotiate collective agreements between the Union and other collaborative stakeholders.
  2. Build capacity of workers to boost their productivity levels.
  3. Facilitate the attainment of physical and economic well-being of members nation-wide.
  4. Safeguard the rights of Local Government Workers from all types of exploitations
  5. Contribute effectively in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, related laws, projects and programs for good governance and nation-building.
  6. Develop strategic alliance and foster partnerships with international labour organizations (ILO), civil societies and social partners in the provision of aids.


  1. Solidarity: We strongly stand behind all membership under the banner of cohesion
  2. Integrity: We aspire to be objective, truthful, uphold the highest standards of conduct and maintain transparency in our relationship with each other and in our respective places of work.
  3. Service: We stand for excellence in execution of our daily statutory duties as mandated by the Service
  4. Diversity: We strongly uphold and encourage the power of diversity in all our endeavours, especially in decision making
  5. Inclusiveness: We ensure the inclusiveness of all stakeholders in our decision making strategies, by providing opportunities to be heard and represented across activities throughout the Union.
  6. Dedication: We believe in the total commitment of membership towards both statutory work and Union activities


  1. To establish and conduct Local or Branch Union of persons engaged in the services which fall within the jurisdiction of the National Union.
  2. To obtain and maintain just and appropriate rate of wages, salaries, hours of work and other conditions of employment for members of the union.
  3. To unite such persons within the jurisdiction of National Union; to cultivate friendship and to assist each other.
  4. To promote suitable educational and social facilities for all members.
  5. To promote the interests of all its members and any other organization with similar objectives and to secure united action on all issues affecting or likely to affect those interest.
  6. To process grievances and enforce the legal rights of members of the National Union as well as all other rights arising out of the Collective Bargaining relationship.
  7. To regulate the relations and to settle disputes between employees and employers and between members and others workers amicably whenever possible.
  8. To provide legal advice and legal assistance to members in connection with their employment when the National Union deems it expedient.
  9. To provide members with any or all of the following benefits and such others as the Delegates Conference may decide from time to time: - Relief in Sickness, Accident, Disablement, Distress, Death, Unemployment, Victimization or Trade Dispute.
  10. To establish or cooperate with any other Organization with similar objectives in the establishment of the business of printing or publishing of newspapers, journals, books, pamphlets and publications in furtherance to Trade Unionism.
  11. To cooperate with other National Unions to establish National Centre in its endeavour to secure favorable legislation in the interest of the workers in Ghana; which shall include workers’ participation in State Enterprises and other Economic ventures.
  12. To promote Workers’ Cooperative Ventures at work-places within the Union’s jurisdiction.
  13. To acquire, hold, lease and convey any real and personal property, to invest and re-invest its funds to exercise all right and privileges which may be necessary and convenient for the conduct of its affairs to encourage, promote and defend free and democratic of its affairs to encourage, promote and defend free and democratic Trade Unions and Institutions.
  14. To carry out the objects and purposes of this organization as set forth in the Preamble, Principles and provisions of this Constitution and to do all things to promote welfare and interest of its members and employees within its jurisdiction.
  15. To disseminate useful information through the organization of seminars, symposia, pamphlets and other educational literature.
  16. To support the national efforts of economic and social development through efficient workmanship and maximum productivity.
  17. To protect members against oppression and empower them to resist any encroachment on their rights.
  18. To promote the safety of members at work through education and demand for the enforcement of appropriate, bye laws and decisions.
  19. To promote the Ghana Trades Union Congress as a Trade Union Centre and enforce its constitution, bye laws and decisions