LGWU Warns Controller to Halt Deductions

The Local Government Workers Union of TUC (LGWU) has ordered the Controller and Accountant General to stop deducting dues from its members’ salaries into the CLOSAG Fund with immediate effect.

In a 10-point Communication, signed by Joe Boahen, General Secretary on behalf of the National Executive Council (NEC) of the Union, the leadership said no LGWU member had consented to or agreed in any way that there should be a deduction into a pool called CLOSAG Fund.

It described as illegal all deductions of dues the Controller had channeled to the Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana (CLOSAG) Fund.

The LGWU, therefore, said the Controller and Accountant General’s Department, together with CLOSAG, must as a matter urgency, initiate a process to rectify the anomaly and refund all deductions to its members which started in July this year.

The communiqu? said; the NEC takes strong exception to information available to it that CLOGSAG has been sending out forms to LGWU members of TUC (GH) to fill and renounce their membership of the Union (LGWU).

The leadership said it would expose any attempt by any other worker group engaging or adopting intimidating tactics, coercion to get LGWU paid up members to fill forms to renounce their membership of the union or risk their names taken off the controller pay roll.

The NEC said the instrument that established the Local Government Service (LGS Act 656 of 2003), made the LGS distinct from the Civil Service and by extension local government workers of staff of the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) and the Regional Co-ordinating Councils different from the Civil Servants.

They also pledged to work assiduously to defend the rights of its members and to get all employees of the LGS such as the district co-ordinating directors, human resource managers, budget and planning officers among others to be fully integrated into the fold of the Union.

This will enable the LGWU leaders to champion their interest like working conditions at the Governing Council Meetings of the LGS, which the Union is the sole representative of local government workers on the Council.

The communiqu? alleged that leadership of the Civil Servants Association was misinforming the public that the LGWU and CLOGSAG had merged.

We wish to emphasise that the Local Government Workers Union has no intention whatsoever to merge with Civil Servant Association (CSA) or CLOGSAG. We will have no relations with an association founded on deception and like parasitic elements feeding fat on the blood, toil and sweat of others.?

Explaining its distinctive identity from CLOGSAG, the communiqu? said the LGWU since the 1960s had been organising workers solely in the Local Government Service Structure.

Our high moral values, does not allow us to descend into naked greed avarice and vanity. We have a rich tradition to keep and to maintain in the Trades Union fraternity, that?s why the LGWU has a representation on the Local Government Service Governing Council, which is the highest decision making body to champion the aspirations and interest of the workers.

The communiqu? ended with the assurance that the NEC would continue to support all proactive programmes of the leadership towards the growth of the union as well as measures that would ensure a vibrant workers union at the MMDAs to drive the country’s decentralisation process forward.

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